Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear Diary...

Well, today is October 21st, 2010.
I'm currently in Creative Writing, again. I got done with all of my work, hopefully I'll get my grade up to be a B or even greater, an A. And also in Geomotry, PLEASE GOD, I'M BEGGING YOU! D:
I got all A's and two C's. That's NOT good for me. I need to be on the A and B honor role, I feel so horrible I'm not and I'm trying as best as I can with everything I have.
Today I have to go to a dance rehersal. It'll be cool because we have to wear out customes. I wounder if we'll go outside and practice, and I wounder what the bed and toybox will look like. I got to do my Geomotry homework, I hope that I can do it. D:
Well, I got to go, I'll write you tomorrow.

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